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New moms deserve more help than they're asking for.

Give the gift of health and happiness, time and peace of mind.

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Healthy mommy, healthy baby.

Being a new mom is hard. In a culture where babies always come first and social media makes it easy to compare ourselves to edited versions of others, we want to make it easier for them to feel supported during the post pregnancy period.

Our mission is to help take care of the new mom's mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional health post pregnancy.

Through our online magazine, we hope to shed light on topics including those not typically covered (like postpartum depression, miscarriage, stillbirths). Through the products, services, and experiences offered in our store, we hope to inspire a new mom's village to take care of her at a time when her primary focus is on the baby.

It takes a village.


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Wish you could provide help to a new mother, but live too far away or don’t have the freedom in your schedule to be there when she needs you the most?

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