A Breath of Fresh Air

            So much is going on: changing diapers, feeding the baby, lulling the baby back to sleep, feeding the baby again, feeding yourself, putting the baby back to sleep again. Over and over again, this baby has changed your life! Margarita Valbuena, one of the co-founders of Third Coast Birth, put it best: “there’s this ‘time warp’ where all the sudden you have a tiny person who has no clue what night and day are, doesn’t know when your shows are on TV, and you get sucked into a sort of baby vortex.”


            Her advice for surviving the vortex? “Go outside every single day! Even if it’s just stepping outside for five minutes.” Valbuena explained that this change of environment—however brief it may be—can really affect your psyche. Furthermore, “if you stay in the same space all the time, you can feel like you’re not doing anything with your life…All the sudden it’s three days later and you’re still wearing the same yoga pants so you ask yourself “Where did my adult life go?” One way to hang on to your individuality is to go get some fresh air. Lay down in the grass, meditate, read a magazine, anything to help change things up throughout the day.

            Another way to help? Spend time with other adults! Online parent groups can be great, but they’re so much better when you actually make plans with the other parents you meet. It’s definitely hard to take the time, but it is worth it. Having a community of support is incredibly important. You’ve got a new relationship with a newborn but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to dissolve relationships with other adults. Let’s face it, playdates and baby & me classes aren’t always for the babies, they’re for the parents too. Life exists outside of your baby, and it’s ok to take time for yourself and your adult relationships. That new life is just as important!


Margarita Valbuena is co-founder of Third Coast Birth as well as the Directress of Parent Programs and Business Manager. She is a child development specialist and birth doula with over thirteen years of experience working with families of young children. Third Coast offers tons of great resources to help parents navigate their new lifestyles! Check out their full calendar here.

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