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Can you begin by to introducing yourself?

I'm Louise Roe, a TV host and fashion blogger from the UK, based in LA. 

You have an amazing pregnancy style. Do you think maternity changed your style?

Thank you! It definitely takes more time to prepare an outfit - i can't just throw anything on because my whole body has changed, and continues to change by the week! I invested in a few key maternity pieces such as stretchy dresses and jeans, but on the whole my aesthetic is the same. I love the same colors, fabrics and accessories. I wrote a piece about it all here:

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Based on the experiences of your friends and acquaintances, have you seen a difference a difference in postpartum care in the US compared to the UK?

In all honesty I don't think there's any difference between the countries; I think it's up to the individual and the couple. We have friends who wanted to be alone for a month to bond with the baby and barely even had family to visit. Another friend had about 12 people in the delivery room with her, drinking rum punch and watching a football game! It's totally personal. We want a couple of people closest to us to be in the house to help - but not a huge crowd. Someone like my Mum, who anticipates everything I need and makes the perfect cup of English breakfast tea :)

What are your expectations of self-care routines after birth?

I see an acupuncturist, who told me mothers are so concerned with the baby that they forget how depleted they themselves become emotionally and physically. So, I absolutely want to make sure I still take care of myself. Whether that's through getting massage at home, the right supplements and nutrition, and figuring out a way to get some sleep here and there. 

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What would you want to be in your baby registry, more baby things or things for yourself as well?

Definitely a mix of both. Happy Mummy means happy baby!

Have you planned anything for postpartum period to make it go as smooth as possible? ?

A night nurse for the beginning to teach us everything we need to know. We have bought the basics and I've read a few books. But I don't want to over-research. Much of it will be learning on the job and going with the flow. If there's anything I've learned about having a baby, it's that you can't predict or plan too much. 


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You seem to have an amazing relationship with your husband. Do you have any tips for dads and partners?

Well he keeps me laughing! Dads cop a lot of mood swings and turmoil during a pregnancy, so having patience and being as understanding as possible, is key. And if she wants ice cream, go out and get the ice cream! Also, being involved with any research or job - especially the ones that I don't really want to do - is super helpful. Mackenzie has done all sorts - from painting walls to watching YouTube tutorials about strollers. It made me feel a huge weight off my shoulders. 

How could you see Bundles of Health beneficial to everyone? 

It's a lovely idea, so simple but so effective. As my friend said, it's not about asking a woman who's just given birth what she wants for lunch, it's about making her a sandwich and just bringing it to her. This is kind of the same notion: pick a practical gift and just send it!


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Louise Roe is a fashion blogger who is expecting her first baby. 

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