Shows You Can Binge-Watch While Taking Care of Your Newborn

Taking care of a newborn is a lonely job. You don’t want to leave your baby alone for hours at a time, but still crave amusement and human contact. For the times of the day which you aren’t using for sleep, here are a few shows and films you can watch to get your mind off things and relax a bit with your baby.

The Office

You’ve probably heard of the Office many times before or might have watched it, but it is the best in displaying the absurd moments of seemingly simple lives in a small town through their interactions in a small office. Though the first season doesn’t go very fast, it is only six episodes. If you pull through, you will hopefully enjoy this comedy.

The Office

21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street

Two policemen are disguise themselves into become younger version of themselves in these two movies, featuring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. The hilarious misadventures they go through are definitely going to bring your spirits up.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Though it’s only 3 seasons, this new comedy on Netflix is sad at times but is more amusing. It showcases the life of Kimmy in New York City after escaping the man who has abducted her 15 years ago. Hormones are all over the place at during this beautiful yet exhausting time so you might get emotional at times at the naivety of Kimmy, but you will definitely enjoy the ups and downs of this show.

Pierrot Le Fou

The film gets contemplative at points and can get a bit disconnected but this French New Wave classic is a constant adrenalin rush. It will carry you into a world full of unorthodoxy while you enjoy the views of the Mediterranean through Jean-Luc Godard’s eyes.


Rick and Morty

You might want to steer clear from this one because you will most probably be forced to watch cartoons for the next ten years of your life. If you do take the chance in watching this 3 season show, you will greatly enjoy this sci-fi cartoon that touches upon many existential issues by following a grandfather and his grandson in their interdimensional adventures.

The Addams Family

The classic comedy about a dark but comic family is perfect for Halloween season. Featuring Morticia and Gomez’s love with their just as crazy kids, you will greatly enjoy this dark yet delightful comedy.


Jane the Virgin

Pregnant through insemination meant for another patient, this show captures how Jane responds to what life brings at her. Up until its 4th season, you will go through pregnancy, labor and first years of motherhood with Jane.




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