How to Make New Mom Friends

If there’s one thing we’ve found throughout our team’s research, it’s that new moms need help! One problem is that there is a huge assortment of information available online, but it’s all spread out! Who can mom’s trust for quality answers to their important questions? Talking to a doctor is always a good idea for medical inquiries, but what about the rest? Where can we turn for tips and tricks to help with the more nuanced aspects of pregnancy and motherhood? Often, other moms!

            Who better to advise you during your journey than someone who’s walked a similar path! Other moms who are at a similar stage in their journey (or perhaps a bit further along) can give real advice based on what works and has worked for them and the other moms they know. How do I go about introducing my baby to sugar? Is it worth it to buy this $350 stroller or should I go with a cheaper model with similar reviews? Who better to answer these than a woman who asked these very same questions not long ago!

            How might you meet other moms? Some mom’s meet up through their communities and shared organizations, but not every mom has access to that! Below are a few great ways to find new moms and get access to advice, support, and friendship.

  • Bump Club and Beyond: Bump Club is the country’s largest social event company, all geared toward helping out new and expecting moms! Bump club puts on events all around the country where new moms can meet with other moms, suppliers of baby gear, and experts in all areas of a new mom’s life. Their most popular event, Gearapalooza, featuring hundreds of baby gear retailers and The Babyguy to help you navigate the world of baby shopping! Check out their events here and their VIP program here to learn more about how Bump Club can help you connect with the resources you need!

  • Peanut: Peanut is like tinder, but for new moms! You make a profile with some photos and a short biography. You then get shown a series of profiles from other moms nearby, choosing who you want to be friends with and who doesn’t seem like a great fit. The other moms in your area do the same. If two moms both say they want to be friends with one another, they are then able to connect through the app and take it from there! No personal contact info is given away until you’re ready to share it, making Peanut a fun and safe way to meet other moms!

  • Circle of Moms: Circle of Moms is a web platform where moms can post questions and stories about their experiences so that other moms can learn from what worked and what didn’t in others’ experiences. Circle of moms also features things like recipes and baby name lists to provide moms with all the inspiration they need. Moms can also look within smaller communities like “Working Moms” or “Moms with Teenagers” to reach people with specific insights and find the advice and support you need!

  • Hello Mamas: Hello Mamas is an online social platform that allows you to meet local moms based on your personal details. Mom puts in her interests, the ages of her children, and what she’s hoping to find (playdates, adult friendships, etc.) so that she can be paired up with other moms who are compatible for friendships.

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