What We Believe

Having our health is table stakes. Without it, we can't do anything, and we can't be with those we love.

For many of us, we grew up with a strong, superwoman mother (or mother figure) who took it upon herself to take care of the whole family. But it's during those first months after giving birth when her only thought is to take care of the newborn. It still takes a village to raise a kid, but that village doesn't always know what to do or how to help. How can we enable and inspire that village to take care of the new mom at a time when she's not thinking about herself?

How do we take the experience of a mom with family nearby and with significant financial means, copy, and paste that experience for moms who don't have the means or don't have loved ones close?

At a time when postpartum depression is quite common (and often not addressed), why is it that there are so few resources focused on the mom's mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional health?

It is our mission to find a solution. Help us better understand your perspective. Drop us a line at: bundles of health (at) gmail (dot) com. We'd love to hear from you!

Our Commitment

With every product you purchase, Bundles of Health will help a mother in need. 1% of all proceeds go toward low-income and single mothers in our local communities.

  • In Chicago, funds will be donated to Prentice Women's Hospital and the Northwestern Memorial Foundation.
  • To make a donation to a mother in need, click here. 100% of donations go to charity.
  • To suggest local charities for your community, please email us at the address above.