Give your friend a Blessingway at her baby shower

Give your friend a Blessingway at her baby shower

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Blessingways are woman-centered celebrations, inspired by the Navajo tradition of honoring a mom-to-be's sacred fertility rite. The emphasis in a Blessingway ceremony is on heralding the expectant mother—her strength, her beauty, her dignity, her womanhood, her divine procreative powers, her metamorphosis as she goes through the creative process of bringing new life into this world.

The Blessingway bracelet sends a strong message of love, support, and togetherness, and adds a concrete visual symbol of our interconnectedness—to the mom-to-be, to each other, to the entire village that it takes to raise a child. Red symbolizes love, the feminine spirit, and the mystery of female vitality.

During the baby shower, or any other dedicated celebration event, it is customary for all the women to sit in a circle. As each woman puts on her bracelet, she presents the expecting mom with words of wisdom, love, gratitude, and support. Each person may wear her strand like a friendship bracelet until a year after the birth of the baby, after the new mom has had a full cycle to recover and heal.

"The bracelets will prompt everyone to think of the mother often. For her, the bracelet will be a daily reminder of her Blessingway, of everyone's love and good wishes for her and her baby, and of the strength of her circle of support both during pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period."--Shari Maser, author of  Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers

* Order as many bracelets as there are guests so that everyone can participate. One bundle contains 20 bracelets as well as suggestions for how to give a Blessingway.


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